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November 29-December 26
Gallery Hop: Friday, December 4, 7 –10 p.m.

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Alix Hitchcock, Marion Adams, and Mary Blackwell-Chapman

November 1 - 29, 2015
Gallery Hop, Friday, October 2, 7 - 10 p.m.
Artists Reception, Sunday, November 8, 2 - 4 p.m.

Artworks Gallery presents a three-person exhibit of new works by Alix Hitchcock, Marion Adams and Mary Blackwell-Chapman.

Alix Hitchcock’s exhibition, “Abstracting From Nature”, is a collection of images drawn directly from nature, such as tree forms, and abstracted compositions inspired by those observations, including frogs and lizards. These mediums include charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil on paper or monoprints.

Hitchcock has a studio in Winston-Salem, and has been an artist all her life. She received her Masters in Painting from New York University and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking from the University of N.C. at Greensboro. She was an Instructor in Drawing at Wake Forest University from 1989 to 2012. Hitchcock was the Winston-Salem Artist of the Year in 1998. She has exhibited in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Connecticut, Wyoming, and New York, and is in many private as well as public collections, such as the Kenan Institute for the Arts, Forsyth Memorial Hospital, Duke University Woman’s Clinic, Womble Carlyle Firm, Exclusive Furniture Development Inc., N.C. National Bank, Wachovia Bank, The Benefits Group, G.M. Volvo Heavy Truck Co., Twisted Paper Products, Wake Forest Baptist Health – Davie Medical Center, Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baptist Health, Weatherspoon Art Museum, and Wake Forest University.

Marion Adams, “Unconditional”, is inspired by her relationship with her pets. “There wasn't a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet or two. Even in my dorm room at college I raised fantail guppies in a 25 gallon aquarium and kept three canaries. Pets have always been a part of my identity. As the saying goes, “paint what you know.”

This show is a tribute to the dogs and cats who have shared her life. With a wag of a tail, they have listened to her ramblings. “I have been loved when I didn’t deserve it and received comfort through heart-breaks and the deaths of loved ones. They have listened without judgment and never laughed at my choices. My pets rarely complained, nagged or argued. Their abilities have taken me by surprise. Food could suddenly disappear off the kitchen counter and bedroom shoes left in shreds. Sure, all things in life require a little work, but the rewards of pet ownership have been priceless. In these portraits, my main focus is the expression in the eyes. With a couple of dabs of paint I wanted to show their loyalty, sweetness and innocence.” In this series, Adams uses acrylics paints rather than her usual material of colored pencil so that she could work in a larger format.

Adams has taught art on the high school and college levels, as well as math and science. She received a Master’s degree in Art Education from Georgia State University and holds an undergraduate degree in art. Most recently she has been an exhibiting member of Bank of the Arts, Twin Rivers Artist Association, New Bern Artworks and Circle Ten Gallery while living near the coast of North Carolina. Her work was featured in Ann Kullburg's “Colored Pencil: Secrets for Success,” (Northlight Books, 2009). She has participated in many regional shows and has won several awards for her work.

Mary Blackwell-Chapman is exhibiting new works with the theme of pushing limits, stretching what can be achieved with various chosen materials and methods. Her exhibition titled “Possibilities” is a result of this exploration. “Creativity is a challenging journey of surprise, frustration, success, and failure. Making art is a daily conversation with myself about my life and the lives of those around me, about how we touch each other. It is an expedition that can be revealing and uncomfortable, inspiring and clarifying. This year I have been working with clay, fabric, wood, paper, thread, and botanical objects to create sculptures that may be based on classical forms, but are articulated in a contemporary fashion.”

Blackwell-Chapman is a sculptural artist from Forsyth County, North Carolina. She earned a BA in English Literature from Goucher College, and an MA in Motion Picture from Northwestern University in Chicago. She has studied sculpture, both ceramics and book arts, at Penland, UNC-G, Arrowmont, Shakerag, the Calligraphy Centre, and the Sawtooth Center for Visual Art. Her works are in collections in Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, DC, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and France. She has exhibited annually since 1993 in juried and non-juried shows in North Carolina, and has been a member of the artists’ collective, Artworks Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC since 1992.

Alix Hitchcock, “Summer Lizard”, colored pencil on monotype print, 12" x 9"
Marion Adams, “ No Dogs on This Sofa”. Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 48”
Mary Blackwell-Chapman, “A Life”, handmade artist’s book

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